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Exploring Lincoln from top to bottom

Lincoln is a city which boasts history, culture, food and scenery. Whether you’re a first-year student, or completing your Master’s degree, there is always something or somewhere new to be seen.

Lincoln cathedral, blue skies above it. With a few clouds in the sky.

Starting at the top of the city, in the Cathedral Quarter, you’ll find Lincoln’s oldest buildings and most beautiful views. The Cathedral began construction in 1072, and was at one time, the tallest building in the world. On Sundays, it’s free for students to wander around the inside of the Cathedral, and admire the ancient architecture and design.

Walking along the castle walls is another amazing way to see Lincoln’s best views and learn about it’s history. The Castle opened in 1068, and it also houses Lincoln’s Crown Court. The views across Lincoln are amazing, and from the top of the walls, you can see far into the distance – allowing views all the way from the Cathedral down to the football stadium, and it only costs £9 for students!

Whilst you’re in the Cathedral Quarter, there are an abundance of independent shops, restaurants and cafés to break up your day. A favourite amongst my friends and I, is Ole Ole, a tapas restaurant on the far side of the castle. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you could try the Bailgate Deli for breakfast or lunch, or to even shop for ingredients to make an amazing meal at home.

Heading down Steep Hill you’ll walk past Roly’s Fudge Pantry and catch a whiff of the fudge cooking in vats just beyond the doorway. This is just one of the many lovely shops lining the footpath. Amongst others, there’s a Russian doll shop, a tea shop and a pottery store, as well as quaint cafés and little restaurants. Towards the bottom of the hill, the Collection Museum and the Usher Gallery are always sharing new exhibitions and artwork, and they are situated in a park that is perfect for a picnic. My favourite Lowry painting of Lincoln is on the first floor of the Usher Gallery and it’s well worth a visit.

At the bottom of Steep Hill, both the Strait and Narrow, and The Curiosity Shop are open to serve you a beverage in a unique setting. The Cardinal’s Hat, just a little further down, has a menu of nibbles and cheese to satisfy that mid-afternoon hunger!

From here, Lincoln’s High Street is full of your favourite clothes shops and restaurants.

Slightly off the beaten track, Red Panda Gaming café has the best board games and activities. You can bring your own booze, or purchase snacks and soft drinks from the bar. Around the corner on West Parade, Kine is an incredible burger bar which serves breakfast, and brunch at the weekends.

A little bit further down the High Street, and currently under construction, is the Cornhill Quarter. Some of Lincoln’s best shops and eateries are found here. For food and drink, choose from Cosy Club, Doughnotts, 200 Degrees and more. For shopping, there’s Lush, Flying Tiger, a big Waterstones and Seasalt. Soon, an Everyman Cinema will also be open for drinks and food, in front of the big screen.

If you continue to head down the High Street, you’ll meet plenty of foreign food shops. These are amazing for finding ingredients which may not be available in your everyday supermarkets. Super Lincs has aisles according to cuisines and here you’ll discover flavours of Milka Chocolate that you didn’t even know existed!

Or, venture towards the Brayford for more restaurants, the cinema or a cocktail on the Barge. The Rising Café, situated in the church near Park Court, has amazing lunches and a beautiful interior.

Lincoln’s variety of quarters and areas, each with their own style and atmosphere, means there are so many different places to explore in this beautiful city.

Autumn leaves on the round, german shepherd dog on a walk

Green areas like Boultham Park, West Common and South Common are home to wild horses, lakes and even more lovely views, if you wanted a break from the city. The canals running through Lincoln are perfect for runs, walks or bike rides with your friends or on your own.

What are your favourite spaces in Lincoln? Please share them in the comments!

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