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Loneliness at University

From a distance, student life seems to be a mix of people, parties, hangovers and academia. However, in reality it is easy to feel alone at University. Loneliness is not something you can just switch off, but there are ways to handle these emotions. Here are some tips that may help you battle loneliness.   

Before University

This is for you Freshers. When you are applying for Universities, remember to add yourself to all the different forums and group chats on social media of the two Universities that you made for your first and second choice. This will allow you to get acquainted with potential new friends that you can start to network with and expand your friendship group. By communicating with multiple people from your first and second choice of Universities from the start can help place you in a stable foundation to make friends no matter what happens regarding your grades and placement.      

Once you made a connection and found out which University you will be studying at, you could plan to meet up with your friends before the start of term to socialise. This is something I did before I started University and found it a great decision which has strengthened our friendship and we are still friends today. However, the relationships that you make during the start of University may not work out like it did for me. If this is the case do not worry as one of the positives about University is it allows you to grow as a person and find your true self whilst allowing you to have multiple friendship groups if that’s from your course, work or one of the many societies, etc.      

Get out of your room 

I found staying in my room to be very toxic and bad for my health. Sitting in your room alone in your accommodation for hours is likely to make you feel even more lonely. Try by going to one of many safe and open green spaces that is located around the city of Lincoln with your friends or just by yourself for a gentle stroll. If you like to know more, go check out my article about green spaces in Lincoln below. 

Visit Green Spaces Around Lincoln

Join a society 

When at University, one of the positive things you can do is join societies. Societies are a great place to get out, meet friends and develop yourself as a person. Universities have a large selection that you can choose from even if you are not into sports there’s always something for you. When I went to university, I decided to join American Football and I have loved it ever since it has helped me to stay busy make a brilliant group of friends and challenge myself both mentally and physically.  However, just remember if your first choice doesn’t work don’t give up and try something new!

However, if the sense of loneliness starts to overwhelm you please talk to someone. You can get in touch with the Student Services or the Wellbeing Centre at the University if you feel that you are suffering from poor mental health or if your loneliness is feeling unbearable. If you feel that you do not want to talk to Student Services, try talking to one of your friends, flatmates or even a tutor. This goes for anything you are going through, if you feel in a negative way do not hesitate to seek help, as they are always there to help you.

Please note: This content was created prior to Coronavirus, and some things might be different due to current laws and restrictions. Please refer to Government advice and the University of Lincoln for the latest information.

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