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Horses on West Common

Exploring Lincoln: An international student’s guide

For international students like me, these unfortunate three months in lockdown has meant a lot of missed experiences and opportunities to explore the UK. Yet surprisingly, it has also enabled me to enjoy Lincoln in a more slow-paced and appreciative way, through my occasional walks around the city and it’s parks. 

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My house is only a few steps away from Liquorice Park, and so I would pay a short visit there and often sit on my favourite bench whenever I am sensing some cabin fever, and craving to be around nature.

Monuments in a park, surrounded by trees

My other two regular spots are the West Common and Whitton Park, which are right next to each other. The lovely horses and birds at the West Common are always a thrilling yet calming sight to see. And this grassy area also houses Lincoln’s very own Leaning Tree of Pisa!

Whitton Park, on the other hand, is an excellent place for a relaxing picnic, particularly when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I have found myself here more often than I should, just basking in the sun for hours and shamelessly indulging my laziness.

A girl stood in a field

Even just navigating to the parks is a joy on its own, especially when I didn’t use the map and allowed myself to be lost in the neighbourhood. Ellis’ Mill and Bert the friendly skeleton are undoubtedly my top finds during such directionless wanderings.

A skeleton in a window

Most recently I have also ventured out to Hartsholme Country Park, which was an hour walk from where I live, but it was definitely worth my aching feet for the delights that it brought. I just loved observing how the light was filtered through thick layers of leaves, and seeing the ducks swim leisurely on Hartsholme Lake. I was amazed to find out that I had only covered one part of this enormous park.

Trees with the sun poking through

I am excited to explore more of not only Hartsholme but also the many other wonderful parks and places in Lincoln. The lockdown makes me miss the campus and my friends terribly, but it has also helped me learn to appreciate life so much more, and to find different ways to enjoy it.

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