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How music is helping me cope

The only thing really getting me through being separated from my family right now is music. I find some of my favourite songs and artists to be so therapeutic and easy to listen to, in the background of me cleaning, working, or just trying to have some time alone.

I find that with this lockdown, I’ve been met with a lot of obstacles. I miss my family, my freedom to go outside, and heck I even miss my classes. But I quickly realised that the easiest way to make the days pass and to remain sane, is to listen to music. Each day, I try to listen to a new artist and discover songs I may never have found had I not had the time to explore. Right now, my favourite artist is Seth Macfarlane – a jazz artist, with a voice like Frank Sinatra. I have found that this style of music helps to calm me down and when my uni work takes its toll.

So, here’s a few different ways that you can explore music during the lockdown, and how it can help you to achieve a positive mental attitude.


Okay, so this is probably the most obvious one. If you want to listen to music that falls within your favourite genres, as opposed to something entirely new, Spotify is fantastic. Spotify compiles playlists tailored to your taste. Try the ‘Discover Weekly’ or ‘Daily Mixes’ that you can find on your home page. It’s helped me discover some fantastic artists and keeps my playlists fresh and interesting.


There are some amazing undiscovered voices out there, and let me tell you – whilst not everything will be up to your taste, its great to hear all the different styles of music that people have taken the time to create. If you’re musically inclined, SoundCloud is a great platform for sharing your creations. I love to sing, it helps pass the time, and it’s fun to stretch my limits and work with my teacher to perfect a difficult piece. It’s like ticking a box; setting yourself goals during quarantine can help you break down the days a little easier.


On YouTube, you can usually find some ‘fan-made’ remixes and songs made by your favourite artists that aren’t published on Spotify. There’s also nothing like a live performance, so hearing the live versions of popular songs can be really entertaining and a great way to take a break from work. I find it’s better for me to stay away from Netflix, even during my study-breaks, as I might end up watching a film or a tv-series, and forget about my essay plan or my revision. My solution to this is to go on YouTube, find a few remixes or live performances to listen to whilst I do the dishes, or sit down and check my phone. This way, my brain stays active and I’m not too heavily distracted from my work when I come back to it.

Ultimately, music has helped me through some really hard times. I rely on it a lot when I become stressed or upset, or if life just has me down. In times like the present, the best thing to do is remain optimistic. So yes, it’s okay to sulk and be upset about this rubbish situation we’re in. But after you’ve had a cry, or called your parents, try listening to some new music – become invested in a new artist, and let the tone of the music lift your spirits.