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5 different nights out

Stuck for evening plans? Run out of ideas of things to do on a weekday?

I have been going to university for a year and a half now, and I have always loved finding new things to do within the week to stop me thinking about work and to spend time with friends. I am a massive fan of socialising but I don’t always feel the need to have it revolve around alcohol. I want to tell you all about my top five places you (and your friends) can go to get out of the house for a bit!

Red Panda Gaming Cafe

If you have friends or flatmates who get excited by the idea of monopoly on an evening bring them here. On Tuesdays you can pay £2 and play games all night (literally until they close at 11pm). Is this not the best idea anyone has ever had? As you can tell I’m a massive board games fan and this cafe is one of the best places I’ve found in Lincoln that caters to that love. Also if you are a massive coffee or cake fan this it is also a cafe, so come in take a seat, grab a drink and pick your game.

Watch a show

There are multiple theatres in Lincoln which you can, as students, get very cheap tickets for. The Blue Room has an amazing scheme where you can watch shows and Pay What You Decide. LPAC provides a LIVE PASS where all student tickets are £5 and coming up there are comedy gigs, dance shows, music concerts and pupils showcasing their work. There is also The Theatre Royal where multiple touring shows come and produce some of their work. This is always a great night out of the house that you can bring people along to or just go along by yourself. If you love watching theatre or enjoy all works of art these are places you should always be keeping an eye on.

Lincoln Bowl

Another one for the game lovers among you. This is a little bit of a walk away from town but if you can persuade anyone with a car or all chip in for a taxi then it’s such a cool place to go to for an evening. Lincoln Bowl, obviously, have a bowling alley where each time you score your face appears on the screen. Inside there is also an arcade and I’m sure you can locate a slushie in there somewhere!

Take part in a ghost walk

I can’t say that I would be brave enough to do this – anything with the word ghost in and I’m usually off in the other direction. However, I have heard from multiple people that this is not only a really fun experience but one that also means you can walk around and see a lot of Lincoln. Especially as the weather is starting to get that tiny-bit warmer, it would be a perfect time to grab your bravest friends, put on some coats and head out and explore the most haunted parts of Lincoln.

Local Pub Quiz

The theme of games is running through this post but who doesn’t enjoy the thought of a pub quiz? Often there is a general knowledge round that no one is too sure about, and then there are specific rounds where you do amazingly and all your friends are wildly impressed! Sounds good doesn’t it. So get a team together and find the next pub quiz. On Mondays Mailbox has one, on Wednesdays Nosey Parker cover all sorts of rounds, on Thursdays you can head down to Tower Bar, and on Sunday you are spoilt for choice, as Nosey Parker and The Swan hold quizzes with some cool prizes.

These five places can be a break from work, being stuck in your flat, a way to meet some new people or a great excuse to see your friends. Go enjoy yourself and if you find any other places or have any favourites in Lincoln let us know in the comments!

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