Pile of books, flowers and a candle

10 things reading has taught me

Unlike a lot of people, I absolutely loved reading as a child and young teenager. However, once I got to uni I struggled to make the time to read for pleasure.

Recently though, I’ve rediscovered my love of reading, and as today is World Book Day I wanted to share the power a good book can have! Here’s 10 things that reading has taught me:

To step outside of my comfort zone

Some of my favourite books I have read have been ones I wouldn’t typically choose. Whether it be a different genre or set in a different era, I’ve found the books I enjoy the most aren’t always the typical romance that I used to choose.

The power of a good cliffhanger

Some of you may think your favourite Netflix show is the best at cliffhangers, but let me tell you, in a book it is so much more intense! You have to decide if you want to be patient and end the chapter as it is, or give in and read on to find out what’s going on.

To escape from reality

Sometimes ordinary human existence can get a bit much for anyone, so jumping into a book, and the lives of someone else, can be the perfect distraction! Whether it’s Hogwarts or 18th Century Scotland, there’s a perfect place for everyone.

To make the most of my imagination

Something I still find so frustrating is when a book is adapted into a film or TV show and the characters look nothing like how I imagined them! That being said, I love how when I’m reading, my imagination creates all of the characters and scenes for me, like a mini movie in my head.

The world

When I was eight, one of my favourite books in the school library was a non-fiction one about Ayers Rock in Australia. Whilst I know this is a very niche interest, even reading fictional pieces set in a different country or a different time period, books have taught me a lot about the world.

To see things from a different perspective

There have been a few books I’ve read where I really disagree with a character’s decisions and can’t understand what they’re doing. However, once the narrative switches and you find things out from their point of view, everything makes a lot more sense. I think knowing this, it’s made me a lot more open to viewing things in real life from a perspective I wouldn’t usually take.

Being the queen of prediction

Once you’ve read your fair share of rom-com books, you become an expert on predicting how a book will end, even in the first few chapters. This is an amazing skill I can now also use with films and TV shows (much to my boyfriend’s dismay) and makes me feel like I’ve got special psychic powers.


You don’t have to tell me twice, some books can be long… and when they’re in a series (I’m looking at you Harry Potter) it can take a lot of patience and perseverance to stick with it. But let me tell you, there’s no greater joy than finally finishing that book/series and the story is complete.

To take a step back

If I’m having a stressful day, one of the best things I find that helps me, is to disconnect from technology and get absorbed in a good book instead. I can happily spend a few hours sat quietly reading, and afterwards I feel so much calmer.

New words I can show off

By far one of the biggest benefits reading from a young age, is all the new vocabulary I’ve learnt. I used to love throwing new words I had discovered into conversation with my friends and family, and I’m still constantly learning now.

So anyway…whether it’s mystery or romance, whatever you choose to read today have an amazing World Book Day!