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Life as a Muslim student in Lincoln

I am a Muslim student from Pakistan studying MSc Management. Before coming to Lincoln, I looked for the usual things that Muslim students consider before going to a University abroad.
Some of the things I looked for were whether halal food is available or if there are any mosques in the city or a place to pray at University.

I’d like to share some of my experiences in these areas to help others in the same position I was. Before I do, I would like to first say that Lincoln is a peaceful and small city. Despite huge cultural differences with my home country, Alhamdulillah I never faced any difficulties and the University has provided me full support in all matters through several workshops.

Lots of places to buy halal food

I never faced any problems in finding halal food. There are plenty of halal food stores on the High Street which is only five minutes away from the main campus. My favourite halal food store is Super Lincs because it’s cheap and their product quality is very good. Mostly everything is available there.

I usually prefer cooking my meals. I buy meat from Al-Madinah Halal Butchery. I do go out with friends and we have found some great restaurants with halal options in Lincoln. Blest Curry and Pizza Express are my two best options. There are some other restaurants like King Shawarma, Pizzeria 90 that I also like, and I prefer their takeaway.

Lincoln Central Mosque and Cultural Centre

The mosque in Lincoln is so beautiful and only a 15-minute walk from the University. I go there on weekends to pray. It’s so peaceful and quiet there. Because I have classes during the week, I pray in the University. I carry a prayer mat with me and find a quiet place and pray there. If you forget to bring prayer mat from home don’t worry, as they are also available at Al-Madinah store.

Islamic Society at the University of Lincoln

I joined the Islamic Society in the first month I came to Lincoln and met lot of Muslims and became friends with them. It’s a good feeling to find people of your own culture in a foreign country. We all meet at different events arranged by the society. There are special Jumma prayers where Muslims meet and we pray together.

There are taster sessions and talks on Islam. Through these events we get a chance to learn more about Islam and stay connected with our religion. Also, for fun there are quiz and games night arranged by society members.

I am glad that I chose University of Lincoln for my Master’s degree as I am having a great time in this beautiful city full of amazing people who are very helpful and friendly. They respect every culture and religion. The experience of all of this is the best.

Written by Sana, MSc. Management student from Pakistan