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Must-see off campus venues

We all know that the Engine Shed has plenty to offer when it comes to live events and nights out.…

We all know that the Engine Shed has plenty to offer when it comes to live events and nights out. But it’s not the only place in town. Here’s a list of my favourite places to try out if you’re getting a little sick of the same old venues.

1. The Rogue Saint

This venue is all about alternative live music. Found on Mint Street, it has welcomed bands like Disco Inferno, Punch The Monkey and Autumn Storm. All of thses boast setlists that are off the beaten track and certainly a little different than the pop than can be found at the Engine Shed.

Ticket price: Dependant on the event, but usually less than £10

2. The Drill

The Drill is a well-established venue in the city. It showcases anything from music events to live comedy and theatre shows. Whilst it has to be said that not every event scheduled there will interest you, it definitely is worth checking out if live shows and comedic speakers are your thing.

Ticket Price: approximately £5-£10

3. The Green Room Club

As far as live poetry readings and events go, the Poetry Green Room is the place to be. Held every third Saturday of the month on Tentecroft Street, it gives listeners the chance to experience poetry readings, music, and comedy. There’s even the opportunity to sign up yourself, if you suddenly feel the need to get on stage.

Ticket Price: £1 at the door

4. Lincoln Theatre Royal

Yes, as you might expect this venue offers up its fair share of theatrical productions. So if the stage is where your heart lies definitely check it out. It does, however, put on a variety of other shows. Comedy, music and even dance performances are planned for the rest of the year. All in all, it is certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to what it has on offer. Be warned though, it is a little more expensive than some.

Ticket Price: approximately £10-£10

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