Joining A Society This Refreshers!

Do you find yourself spending a lot of your free time lounging around in your room? Or maybe, you’ve hit complete boredom once you’ve returned from your lectures?! Joining a society this refreshers could save you from boredom, repetitiveness and inevitably spice up your routine. Here’s why I think you should join a society this semester…


  1. Whether you have a passion for a sport, the arts or want to try something new, there are a huge range of societies that students have set up for you to choose from. I can guarantee that there will be something suitable for you – from Football to Musical Theatre, Disney to Gaming, you are bound to find something that sparks your interest. My favourite society, based on how innovative the concept behind it is, is the 20 Minute Society – this consists of being alerted 20 minutes before a social event and racing to the location to enjoy the evening or try a new activity. It would certainly get the adrenaline going and bring some excitement into your life!
  2. Not only are societies great for enjoyment, but there are actually some societies available for specific courses. This could be great if you’re looking to expand your knowledge further and want to invest time into really working on your degree. You could even join a subject society that you’re interested in – before I came to university, I also enjoyed English literature so I could join that society too to gain some extra knowledge on a different subject unrelated to my degree.
  3. Societies have been a great way to connect with new people. If you are looking to socialise, make friends for life and become part of a community, joining a SU society is the way to go! I joined the Musical Theatre society last semester and I’ve made so many amazing friends from it – I spent three evenings a week surrounded by talented, amazing individuals so I quickly connected with lots of like-minded people after spending a lot of time together. It also makes your experience at university more fun and exciting – if I didn’t join Musical Theatre then I would have just spent those evenings alone instead of making an effort to bring my interests to life and meet new people.
  4. The final and additional benefit of joining a society this semester would definitely be the skills you can add to your CV or LinkedIn profile. Whether you become the club’s vice-president, host a social event or you improve your communication skills, all of the above are great to pop on your CV. You don’t necessarily think about this when you sign up to a society because you’re mainly focused on the social aspect and enjoying something you love but it’s an extra bonus that you can develop key skills that employers are looking for.


If you’re interested in joining a society this semester, go along to the Lincoln Refreshers Fayre and Societies Fayre for Refreshers week to find out more information on the societies available and what they entail, you can also head over to the Student’s Union page to find the perfect society for you.

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