The entrance to the David Chiddick Building on the University of Lincoln Campus

A day at the University of Lincoln’s Business School

Written by Student Ambassador, Justas Kasputis

Before going into more detail about ‘a day at the University of Lincoln’s Business School’, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Justas, I originally come from Lithuania and I have lived in the UK since 2008. Coming to Lincoln and attending University has really changed me in a positive way. In 2015 when I started my University journey, I decided to study International Business Management (IBM).

This course was a true joy and I have no regrets. What I most loved about this University and the campus itself is the closeness of everything. Every destination is within walking distance. Even for many international students in a different country, the smaller-scale campus and city have made it easier for them to adapt and get to know Lincoln. Even if you decide to live out of campus like I did, it used to take me only 10-15 minutes to get to the University which is nothing!

Every day after my lectures and seminars, I always went to the library to reflect on the work that I have done and did extra research on top of that. This is something that I really enjoyed, every day was challenging and exciting because I could experience something new and different.

Each week, consisted of 8 contact hours (i.e. 4 hours of seminars and 4 hours of lectures). This may seem that there is a lack of contact hours but this University pushes a high-level of independence which in my opinion is great for every student. Being able to manage your time is a challenge but this has really allowed me to push myself and really understand what are my strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, if you do struggle and if you need extra support, your lecturers and seminar tutors are always there for you.

Regarding deadlines, they were consistent and challenging which I really enjoyed.  There is also frequent participation and engagement between students and lecturers in lectures, seminars and meetings. This makes it easier to organise yourself as engagement leads to motivation and confidence.

In terms of University and social life management, I got involved in various societies (including sports) like Squash, Handball, Electronic Dance Music and Enactus. This may seem overwhelming, but because I was able to develop self-management skills,

I was able to utilise time very well and so this allowed me to try out so many societies. I was revitalised and made it easier to learn new things. Finally, these societies allowed me to meet so many incredible people which have made this University experience even better.

Lastly, let me talk to you about the Business School. The Business School has been just incredible, all the personnel are so friendly, enthusiastic, full of optimism and they are always there to help every student – no matter how what the problem is.

The Business School provides various life-changing opportunities. I have been involved as an IBM Course Representative which involved working closely with my course mates, school officers and senior committees to ensure the best possible learning experience for every student for whichever module they have decided to undertake for that year. At the UoL you have a representative for each course.

Feedback for work is a continuous process – so monitoring progress is quicker and this way learning experience is improved as soon as possible whenever an issue comes up.

If you are reading this and if you decide to come to UoL, get involved. You will be recognised very quickly and getting such exposure will really push you through to achieve great things. As I said at the start I have no regrets and I am happy with what I have achieved.