sunglasses on a beach at sunset

Making the most out of your summer!

I know, I know, you’re a student so your dreams of heading to Australia this summer will probably have to be put on hold (why is travelling so expensive *cries*). But that doesn’t mean that your entire summer has to be put on hold!

So here is my guide to making the most out of your summer holidays:

Keep an eye out for holiday deals.

Just because you want to be sunning it up like a celebrity, doesn’t mean you have to have the bank account of one. There are plenty of budget holidays that will leave you with a nice tan and a happy bank account.

I would highly recommend the website Skyscanner – it compares loads of different flights and if you’re not sure where you want to go you can click destination = anywhere!

Air BnB’s are also a great way to spend less in a foreign country, but make sure you’re checking the reviews.

If flying isn’t your thing, you could always do the Dutch Dash (I am in April and I’m very excited!) You get on an overnight boat in Hull and you get to go to Amsterdam.

It’s called the Dutch Dash because you only spend a day there so make sure you’re planning your itinerary and booking tickets in advance; let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend your whole day in a queue for the Anne Frank House.

Arrange some work experience.

This summer will probably be the longest break you will have in your life, so do something productive. Doing work experience in a field that you want to work in will look incredible on your CV; and if you impress, they may want to hire you when you finish university.

A lot of companies have work experience schemes, so start looking and applying now to avoid disappointment.

Spend time with family and friends.

You don’t get to see them often, so when you return home from university for the summer it’s the perfect time to meet up with them.

Go to the zoo like you’ve been planning for months, take your little sister shopping – I promise, they’ll appreciate every minute that they get to spend with you.

Go and visit your uni friends.

I know it costs money, but the summer is a great time to go and visit the cities that your best friends live in.

Maybe you’ve never been to Manchester, or Liverpool? Get yourself a railcard and get exploring. You’ve already got free accommodation sorted (if their parents agree to let you stay that is).

Learn something new.

You’ve been saying for ages that you want to learn Spanish, so give it ago! There’s no harm in trying, and it might help when you’re jetting off on your cheap break.

Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful summer and don’t take it for granted!