Surviving Valentine’s Day… on a budget!

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, of course, you want to spoil the love of your life and show them just how much they mean to you. They deserve the absolute world, but unfortunately, you can barely afford to buy them a world map…

(I probably wouldn’t recommend that as a present, unless they’re super into geography.)

Your student loan is slowly running out – let’s be honest you don’t want to starve so you can get your crush a bunch of flowers, do you?


The answer to that question should be no! So I’m here to tell you ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

Instead of booking a table at a fancy restaurant, why not cook for each other?


One person prepares the main and the other the dessert – what could go wrong? Okay, you’re right. If you’re not Jamie Oliver’s prodigy a lot could go wrong, but it’d be a nice bonding session even if you end up eating beans on toast.

Check for deals

Going out for a meal may take a tiny bit of the stress off of you. So if you do choose to go out make sure you’re checking what deals are available before you book; there’s no point paying £50 when you could be paying £30.

Set a spending limit!

It’s seems silly but you don’t want to spend £20 on a lovely present and then find out your partner has spent 70p on a card – I’m sure you’d be grateful anyway but you’d probably be more grateful to have held onto your cash. Set the limit so you both know what you intend to spend and neither person will end up feeling guilty!

“Just get me a card”

It might just be me but I love receiving cards, whether that be on my birthday, christmas, or especially Valentine’s Day. If they say “just get me a card”, chances are they mean “just a card”. They can be so sentimental and cute, or have a little cheeky pun on the front. Buying a card and writing something nice inside means you truly thought about it – who could ask for more?

Go for a walk together/ watch Netflix/ be in each other’s company


A date doesn’t necessarily mean going to the movies followed by a meal. A date can be whatever you want it to be. Have a picnic. Watch the sunset over the Brayford Pool. Get coffee together.

Regardless of what you choose to do and how you plan to celebrate, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day (oh, and don’t forget the card.)

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