Three juggling balls.

6 tips to help you juggle uni, work and the rest of your life

It’s generally understood that uni is what you make it, but the one thing I can guarantee is that you will learn to juggle your life.

I would consider myself to be the definition of someone who does too much; with two jobs, a 20 contact hour degree, being a part of two sports teams and still trying to have a social life. So here are my 6 top tips to help you juggle uni, work and the rest of your life!

Don’t take on too much

To start with, make sure that you’re only doing as much as you’re capable of doing. There’s no point signing up for nine different societies if you aren’t actually going to be able to dedicate yourself enough to any of them. You need to be aware of your boundaries and the fact that however many hours you want there to be, there are only 168 hours in a week!


Plan your time

The most useful thing I do is to plan out what is happening in my week. Using a variety of calendar programs, you can subscribe to your uni calendar, add events, deadlines and anything else you might be doing in your week. By clearly laying out where I need to be and when, I’m able to see whether I do have time to go out that week or go and do a food shop. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing layout, have a go with an app called Trello which allows you to lay out lists, cards and deadlines in a very nice way.


Know when to ask for help


Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, it will save you from stress on as many occasions as you need. I’m not saying to completely milk the extension system (and obviously you will still need to provide evidence of the circumstances) but you have a personal tutor for a reason and they’re there to guide you and help you – so make sure to talk to them.


While the most fun things might be what you want to do (and do end up doing) first, they’re not necessarily what’s the most important. Remember that, at the end of the day, you came to uni to get a degree and so deadlines, assignments, tests and lectures should come first.

Make sure to sleep

To remain healthy, rested and ready to have even more fun, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep. While the required daily amount of sleep is eight hours, its unlikely that you’ll be able to uphold that all the time, but make sure to try and stay as close as you can. The best bit about uni, in my opinion, is napping; come home from a busy day of lectures and curl up in bed to catch up on the hours of sleep you missed the night before.

Make the things you’re doing things that you love

You will find it far easier to manage your time if you’re doing things that you enjoy. Join sports/societies which you love, have a job that you love and do a degree that you love; that way, the 101 things you have to be doing will feel far easier because you won’t have to force yourself to do them.

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