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Alternative nights out for non-drinkers

Some aspects of uni life can be difficult for non-drinkers. Especially if people are endlessly either asking why you don’t drink or trying to convince you to start! Among the difficulties can be going out. It turns out paying £3 for (soft) drinks in a noisy, sticky box loses a lot of its appeal if you’re stone cold sober.

So, whether you’re taking a break from alcohol or a non-drinker generally, here are some ideas for alcohol-free nights out!


Playzone is always a favourite with students in Lincoln. The soft play centre has a student night every Tuesday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, entry is £6 with a student card. Running around and climbing up walls is as much a workout as it is a night out, and you can cool off with a slush puppie afterwards, what’s not to like?


If you fancy something less active and more relaxing, the cinema is a classic option for a quieter night out. Watching a movie is a much more serene way to spend an evening unless you choose a thriller! Best of all, you can get a student discount!


Lincoln has a great variety of comedy performances throughout the year. From big names like Jimmy Carr and Sarah Millican to up and coming talents, there are plenty of tickets at various price points. If you’re a little bit stressed, laughter can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels and release endorphins – much better than a hangover!

Live music

While listening to a DJ playing the same songs each night can get a bit tiresome while sober, live music is a whole different thing. The Engine Shed has bands and artists throughout the year ranging from indie rock and post-punk to tribute bands, so there is bound to be something you like! Keep an eye on the SU social media feeds for new show announcements.


Although you have to travel a little way out of the town centre, a little friendly competition can make for a great evening. And if you don’t manage to win, there is always the opportunity to redeem yourself in the arcade.  You can even enjoy food or a milkshake while you’re there, and on Sundays, you can have unlimited games for just £10 per person.

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