Lincoln Cathedral with a blue sky

What I'll miss about living in Lincoln

Although Lincoln is a small city, there are a lot of things I will miss about living there now that I have completed my degree and moved back home – I would like to take this opportunity to share a few of them with you.

Places to socialise

One of the first places my friends and I went to in 1st year was a coffee shop called Coffee Aroma in the centre of town. My Norwegian friend was going there for an international social and invited me along – I was nervous meeting lots of new people but the relaxed atmosphere of Coffee Aroma made it a lot easier, it was like being welcomed into someone’s home. The presentation of their coffees is incredible, however, my favourite drink is their hot chocolate. In a similar vein, another coffee shop/café that shouldn’t be missed out on is Café Shanti – a Vegetarian/Vegan Café that offers a range of breakfasts, light bites, main meals and delicious vegan cakes and ice cream.

Café Shanti

Places to clear my mind

A memory that will stick with me forever is facing my fear of heights to walk the walls of Lincoln Castle. I went on a very sunny day and the views were incredible, one of which is the view of the Cathedral from the castle walls. This is another place that I will miss going to, as it is such a powerful building yet so peaceful and calming – one of the reasons why I visited it a lot when I needed somewhere to clear my head.

View of the Cathedral from the Castle Walls

Lincoln Castle Walls

To get some perspective I also went for walks around Lincoln up to Liquorice Park viewing platform – which not many people know about, but you can watch the sun rise or set over the Brayford. The benefits of this are that it is free and the sunsets in Lincoln are beautiful. Another way to view the Brayford is from the Brayford Belle boat trip. I have lived in Lincoln for 3 years and finally got to go on the boat trip this year. I learnt a lot about Lincoln that I didn’t know before during the half hour round trip.

Watching the sunset at Liquorice Park viewing platform

Watching the Sunrise over the Brayford

Places that have really stood out

The thing I will miss most about living in Lincoln is spending time with all of my friends both off and on campus. After all not many universities have a balcony as part of their art and design building, where you can have afternoon tea with your course mates or show potential students a steam train going through the middle of the campus on an Open Day. This balcony also comes with a view of the Cathedral where Graduation is held – if that isn’t motivation to do well in your chosen degree then I don’t know what is.

View from the balcony of the newly named Nicola de la Haye building