Model at a graduate fashion show.

Graduate show experience

This is a past event which is no longer running. 12th May 2017 – University of Lincoln BA Hons Fashion…

This is a past event which is no longer running.

12th May 2017 – University of Lincoln BA Hons Fashion Show

The best part of doing a design-based degree is, in my opinion, seeing your work come to life and witness people’s reactions to it. At The University of Lincoln, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to showcase our final collections as part of a graduate show, which this year took place at Lincoln Cathedral.

Preparations for the show begin early on in the year with a photo-shoot – from which images are used to promote, decide on the aesthetic for the show and of course designing and making the outfits. A lot of the models that participated in this year’s show were scouted from the University. One student used 3 male models who she had scouted on campus and even had her dad join in as they all fitted the specific look that she wanted for her work.

Having the Cathedral, as our venue was a new experience and challenge for everyone involved, from designers to cathedral staff, to the LPAC production team and more. It was very much a collaborative project between the University and the wider community.

As a designer, I enjoyed the challenge of creating garments that are new and innovative, whilst in keeping with the tradition and modesty of the Cathedral. With sustainability as a starting point for our collection concepts, we included: the protective mechanisms of poisonous dart frogs, veganism and animal agriculture protest and consumerism, just to name but a few. Overall the collections created by all of the students showed the diverse range of talents and individual interests they have as designers.

The graduate fashion show gives students an opportunity to have fun with their collection. It allows them to style their outfits with shoes and accessories and to see the work they have created in a professional situation. The fashion show is an opportunity where a newspaper could request to feature your work in their publication or someone might notice your collection and offer you graduate work.

I believe that a graduate show is one of the best opportunities a student in the creative arts can be offered to take part in. It was an honour to show the collection I had worked so hard to design, make, style and complete – even more so with the venue for the show being the most prestigious building in the city.

I wish luck to any future creative arts students that will be showing their work, especially the 1st and 2nd year fashion students at the University of Lincoln who worked on our final collections with us this year. To any student, I would say grab any opportunity that you get to display your work, as it will improve you as a creative and get your name out into the industry you wish to join after graduating.

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