A pathway surrounded by trees in autumn.

Hello nature!

Living in a city centre can be great as a student, especially when the university campus is only minutes from the high street. Having everything on your doorstep and in walking distance is very convenient and prevents poor students having to shell out loads on public transport. We are particularly lucky as we get to roam around the picturesque city of Lincoln, but even in such a quaint, little city such as this, your body can still crave the presence of open, green spaces. Sometimes the constant visual of concrete building after concrete building becomes almost suffocating and it’s important to get away, especially if you’re feeling any stress from looming deadlines and exams.

Taking a walk can be the perfect break from working hard and a wander down to the Arboretum in Lincoln takes you to the peaceful presence of walkways lined with huge trees, curling over you like a canopy. The cutest dogs will probably bound up to you, barking happily, a real pleasure for animal lovers. As you pass the pond the faint trickle of water will easily lull you into a sense of tranquillity. It’s also an ideal picnic spot providing the weather is accommodating, as you can sit by the arboretum itself and even get involved in some child-like fun by racing through the maze.

If you really want to get away from everything, however, the perfect place and my personal favourite is taking a walk through West Common. You might see the occasional dog walker, maybe a runner or two, but other than that your main company will be the handful of horses that graze there. If they’re feeling friendly, some of them will even come up to you and give you a little nudge! As well as this, the open space lends itself to an atmosphere of utter calmness. Far away from the city centre, you can truly lose yourself in the surroundings. As someone who loves to take walks and get away from the tiny concrete jungle of Lincoln city centre, being in a field surrounded by horses is heaven to me and it is by far my favourite place in Lincoln.

Another great place to go to escape the university environment and de-stress is the park opposite West Common at the end of West Parade and up the hill. You can forget about all your responsibilities for a minute while you swing as high as you can while overlooking the scenery down the hill below you. It feels a million miles away from campus but in reality, it’s only a fifteen-minute walk and you will thank yourself for it.

It can be hard to be in a new place and away from home, and for those of us who come from little villages in the countryside, living in a city centre (even a tiny one like Lincoln) can become too much sometimes. Escaping to these spots full of nature and basking in the idyllic atmosphere is a great way to relax and de-stress.