Being a student ambassador

Rebecca Hepworth – 3rd Year Events Management

I have been a student ambassador since first year now and as a third year, I feel it has been a great experience to have throughout my university life, it is not just a great and flexible part-time job, but it has also allowed me to feel more involved in the university. I have learnt so much more about the university and the opportunities it provides – which has come from working at a variety of events. One example is a postgraduate conference, whereby not only did the postgraduate students get to network, but, by assisting in the event, I had the chance to learn from their work. Here I learnt about one masters student’s pilot study, and I am now planning to use their methodologies in my own dissertation research. This is just one example of when a great opportunity has come from this role.

Graduation is another great event that I have worked, putting into perspective all the hard work that students put into their courses, motivating me to reach the same level of success. Graduating at the stunning Cathedral, a unique location compared with many other universities, is an added bonus.

I have also furthered my experience through volunteering opportunities that have been available during my time as a student ambassador. A memorable time was assisting with Lincoln Rotary Club’s flume event – some of you may remember seeing riders zooming down Flaxengate slope near Lincoln’s collection gallery. This wasn’t only a fun and unforgettable day but it also felt really good to get involved in the community and give something back to Lincoln – my second home which will always be an important part of my life.

One of the greatest satisfactions I get from being an ambassador is being able to use my own experience to guide others because I see just how much university has shaped me personally. By taking on the challenges and talking to wide a variety of people throughout this role, I have gained so much more confidence which reflects just how much I have grown from my shy fresher’s self.


Meet the author

Rebecca Louise Hepworth

My name is Rebecca Hepworth, I am 20 years old and in my third year of studying Event Management. University has inspired me to volunteer at a range of different events and get involved in the local community and help on behalf of good causes. I love all things vintage and exploring vintage fairs for that unique item I can make my own. In my down time you can often find me exploring in a museum. As graduation is fast approaching I have found blogging a good outlet to reflect on what I have achieved and what is to come.