My university experience: commuting to university

I am currently in my third year at the University of Lincoln studying Audio Production. Some people always seem really shocked when I tell them that I travel 44 miles to get to University. But, the benefits for travelling mean that I can still stay living at home – also it actually works out cheaper for me to stay living at home and commuting. During my second and third year, I was able to keep my part-time job that I had before starting University.

One thing I do get asked a lot is ‘do I feel like I am missing out on the whole University lifestyle?’ The answer is most definitely no. I just want to say, ‘You can still live at home and enjoy the student life. You can still join in with societies, go out and have fun.’

Below I have listed some of my tips for commuting to University.

Commuting by car.

As I commute by car, I always need to make sure that I have plenty of water, oil, screen wash etc. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have enough petrol in your car the night before.

Get a good nights sleep.

When I first started travelling to university, I wasn’t getting enough sleep and I definitely felt that next morning. Sometimes travelling can make you fell a little tired, so I feel that it’s a good idea to get to bed at a sensible time. I know, I know, I may sound a little boring right now, but your mind and body will thank you for it, and they do say that you should get at least 8 hours of sleep at night anyway.

Getting everything ready the night before.

I wanted to put this one in because this is actually something I’m still working on, yes even after two years! Sometimes I get a little lazy the night before and don’t get anything ready. But when I do it saves so much time in the morning. I take a packed lunch with me so I don’t end up spending lots of money on food. If you pack it the night before and pop it in the fridge it’s nice and fresh and ready for the morning.

Entertain yourself.

I like to take a book or magazine with me to read, I usually keep some in my car. Sometimes if I have arrived early or I have an hour or two break, it’s good to have something to read. I also sometimes take my Nintendo DS with me, the time soon flies then, just make sure to keep an eye on the time!

Commuting by train.

Unfortunately, the train I occasionally get only runs from 9 in the morning, so if I have got a 9am lecture, getting the train is not an option. But if I am starting a bit later on in the day, I like to get the train. This gives me a little break from driving and I don’t have to worry about parking or traffic. I like to take a book or a magazine with me on the train to read.

Commuting has definitely given me more time management skills. Some mornings I get to University an hour early! But there are plenty of places to go and get some work done, such as the library, the hub, Tower Bars, The Swan (if you bring your laptop with you,) the Minerva building, there are computers available to use on the third floor.

I don’t regret commuting to University one little bit. I like the journey and I love being able to go home at the end of the day. I am really enjoying my time at University so much. Having different health conditions and suffering from anxiety, there have been different challenges. But with the help from the University and the Student Wellbeing Centre, (even if you are living at home and not in Lincoln, they are more than happy to help you,) I have received so much help and support, that I am truly thankful for.


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